Should You Use Video on Your Website?

Video is not for everyone but when it’s used well, video can be more effective in getting your story across, than a paragraph of text.Video online is growing at a phenomenal rate. YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google. Internet users are even bypassing Google in favour of YouTube and other websites all together. So instead of reading about a festival, you can watch the bands on stage yourself. Whilst Google gives you information fast, YouTube gives you the information first hand.For example, if you want a demo on how to use something, you could find a product page and go through the step by step instructions. But rather than trawl through lots of websites to find a page of text, you could search directly on YouTube and watch a video showing you how to use the product. Next to it, you’ll find another video giving you tips on getting the most out of it and you’ll probably find a customer review on there too.

Video can explain your services and show off your products far more effectively than pages of text. Provided your video is concise and well thought out, it can engage an audience like no other medium. When you communicate in writing, your vocabulary shifts, your tone changes and you’re more likely to ramble. Using video will allow you to speak to your customers on a personal level, creating a more relaxed and modern approach to the business/customer relationship.Studies have shown that the human brain finds it easier to understand visual communication over the written word. There’s more in body language than you think. Plus, everyone is busy. We’re all doing two or three things at once and you’ve got much more of a chance of reaching people through a multi-sensory experience like video than anything else. Instead of reading a paragraph on your site, which let’s face it can be a bit of a chore, your customers can click on a video, kick back and watch it without having to do any of the work themselves.

Whilst text can sometimes read flat and uninspiring, a video will always make an impact. It’s far easier for you to make an informative and entertaining video than to do the same with text. As a marketing tool for any business, video is the fastest and most effective way to communicate your personality, your product and your promise.